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My Story

Currently I am completing the fourth year of Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, Netherlands. During my studies I have gathered many key skills and have absorbed a great deal of knowledge. I am willing to develop my creativity and create complicated projects by applying information technologies.

Presently, I spend much time creating Internet websites, business cards, flyers, advertisements, designing two-dimensional and three-dimensional texts, designing mobile applications. I pride myself on the fact that I have already accumulated a considerable amount of works in this field. Every time when my creations gain colour and are imaged, I wish to excel further and create more effective combinations of shapes, colours and text. By working persistently, I strive to implement web design projects in various contexts in the future

I am trying to acquire as many practical skills as possible at this moment, therefore I practise by designing mobile application, web designs, all kinds of print designs. I perform picture correction and draw animation. By taking part in these activities during my free time I feel that I have improved and I stand out from my peers because of my creative and analytical thinking, orientation towards the goal and the concentration of my attention. Moreover, when evaluating my works of graphic and web design, people often state that I am very thorough and accurate in my work.

My Skills